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Kylin Prime Group creates strategic partnership with Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s most internationally renowned university, with a history spanning more than four centuries. In addition to providing students from Ireland and indeed around the world with a globally recognised education, they also strive to contribute philanthropically, through a number of corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Following discussions, we are proud to announce that we have officially reached an agreement to form a strategic partnership with the goal of global ecological environmental protection.



Specifically, this project will focus on studying the potential of the Irish bog plants. It will investigate the potential of the biodiverse flora of the Irish bog lands as a source of novel plant derived therapeutic formulae. Bogs of Ireland constitute an enormous national resource and are custodians of a varied and distinctive biodiversity that has accumulated over many millions of years as species evolved in these distinct environments. Plant species, native to these environments, may provide environmental and economic solutions to the future of these resources and to the communities who have worked on them.


The discovery of potential therapeutic uses of plants from this unique environment and their sustainable production in alternative sites, or harvesting for pre-commercial investigation would be of enormous social and economic significance to the local regions and nationally to Ireland. Additionally, some benefits of the output data will also benefit the society.


The project will be led by Principal Investigator, Professor Helen Sheridan of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SoPPS) at TCD. Professor Sheridan is Ireland’s leading academic in the area of Natural product Chemistry. She has been pivotal in the development of new medicines using plants and cell cultures (plant, fungal and animal).


(Ms Helen Sheridan, Professor at TCD School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences pictured with our General Manager for Greater China Ms Qian Dai)


We thank Helen and her team for traveling to our Beijing office and we look forward to a long and successful partnership!


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