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Kylin Prime's debut in Times Square, New York


Sometimes referred to as ‘the crossroads of the world’, Times Square is the beating heart of New York City. A dazzling array of billboards and advertisements, soaring buildings, and hordes of pedestrians and yellow taxis make it a place that leaves a lasting impression. Times Square is the most visited place in the world, with about 360,000 pedestrian visitors a day, or over 131 million a year, and many prestigious companies compete to present their brands on the vast digital screens and billboards.


Kylin Prime Group has grown exponentially, spreading to new locations in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania, and the brand has been showcased on the Nasdaq screen regularly over the last few months. Kylin Prime's strong debut in Times Square showed the strength of our message and shared our vision of 'creating futures' in a rapidly globalising world.



High-net-worth individuals from all over the world are increasingly seeking integrated financial, legal and banking services. Kylin Prime Group provides a range of services in this respect, including high-quality investment opportunities and advice, banking services, citizenship and residency solutions, asset management, research and advisory services, cutting-edge digital and print media, and educational services. The Group has developed this unique set of interconnected and complimentary services to ensure that we are an indispensable asset and a trusted partner for our clients. The global nature of our business also means that we can leave a positive impact; whether our partners are investors, employees, governments, or the local communities in which we operate, we form positive and sustainable relationships that bring about meaningful change. Our globally minded, yet locally sensitive team is committed to creating a more inclusive and dynamic future for all through an ethical, innovative business approach.


The global business of Kylin Prime Group covers four continents and over 20 countries and regions. The overseas programmes under Kylin Prime Group are regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, the Central Bank of Ireland, the Malta Financial Services Authority, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as other financial regulatory institutions, enabling us to provide secure global asset placement services for high-net-worth individuals. 


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