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Nuremore Hotel & Country club now proudly under the new ownership and management of Kylin Prime Group


It has recently been agreed that the Nuremore Hotel & Country club in Carrickmacross will change ownership, with the handover date scheduled for Febuary 17th. The new owner, Kylin Prime Group, has welcomed the establishment with open arms, as an excellent addition to its already extensive investment portfolio.


The premises are spread across a massive 200 acres, the equivalent of 112 football fields and situated in an excellent location, acting as a transportation hub between Ireland and Northern Ireland. By car, Dublin is just an hour’s drive away, while Belfast is just a touch further taking 90 minutes.


The hotel itself, is one of the most well renowned 4-star lodgings in the country. Located amongst the wonders of a rich, rural landscape, the hotel holds within its grounds a full, 18-hole golf course, an immaculate garden area and is situated just a stone’s throw away from a pristine lake, a highlight in the eye locals and guests alike.


Despite the change of ownership, business will continue as normal with no layoffs on the horizon. Additionally, customers can rest assured that any previous reservations or deposits made concerning the multitude of services offered by both the hotel and country club, will remain as they were originally agreed upon.


When questioned on the new plans for the establishment, Local Monaghan County Council member PJ. O’Hanlon is recorded as saying: “The Nuremore Hotel is not just a local hotel in Ireland, but an international tourist property. Kylin Prime’s investment upgrade plan for the hotel is very welcome and supported by our government department. This has a profoundly positive impact on the local economy and employment.”


Philippe Rousseau, Group Hotel Head of Operations & Finance at Kylin Prime Group also commented on the change of ownership adding: “We are delighted to acquire The Nuremore Hotel and County Club in Carrickmacross, a very well established and very successful four-star property. The Nuremore has strong year-round business with an excellent reputation in both the leisure and wedding markets. The hotel is an important part of the local community in Carrickmacross and Kylin Prime, together with the team at The Nuremore Hotel, look forward to operating the hotel and playing an active role in the community. The purchase of the hotel is a welcome addition to our growing portfolio.”


Today, Ireland’s tourism industry is on an uptick. Kylin Prime Group intends to invest further into the Irish tourism sector, along with plans to upgrade the Nuremore Hotel. An expansion off the establishment will not only attract more visitors, but also create a wealth of job opportunities for the local community.





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