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Kylin Prime Group - Our Year 2018

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Its official…. 2018 has come and gone! It has been a year of significant growth and progress in our global business operations, and although there were many trials and tribulations, there were significantly more triumphs along the way. The year unlimitedly culminated in several major advances in our strategic business initiatives.    


The past 12 months have brought a truly global expansion in our business dealings. We now have operations across Europe, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. This has enabled us to provide a seamless global service in all business dealings; be it with clients, industry stakeholders or governments.


There have been several noteworthy success stories throughout the year, with the authorisation of Kylin Prime Capital LLP by the Financial Conduct Authority,  Kylin Prime SICAV by the Malta Financial Services Authority and Kylin Plato Fund by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission respectively. Our residency and citizenship by investment business have also progressed, as we now offer investment migration solutions in numerous countries around the globe. The Chinese Weekly continues to lead the way in terms of Chinese media in the UK, and is internationally renowned as the “Global knowledge for local Chinese”. Furthermore, the past 12 months also saw the establishment of the Future Citizen Institute, our research Think Tank dedicated to studying matters related to global mobility and international relations.


Our growing presence on the global stage also resulted in us receiving invitations from governmental officials, industry participants and thought-leaders to attend special events, while several of our global offices also hosted governmental figures and researchers. Our professionalism has also resulted in us receiving several prominent industry awards, providing further credence to our highly-sought after asset management and investment migration solutions. Some of the awards we received this past year are as follows:

  • Best Overseas Asset Management Institution” at the 5th Hedge Fund Annual Conference
  • “International Bespoke Wealth Management Provider” at the China Offshore Summit
  • “Leading Overseas Investment Institution 2018" at the Sina Education Awards 2018


The past 12 months also brought increased media exposure, with several key Kylin Prime Group figures being interviewed by leading media publications such as China Times, Global Times, Investment and Cooperation, Top China on topics such as asset diversification, global investment, migration patterns among HNWIs and more.


As we look back at the past year, we are filled with a sense of both pride and excitement; we are proud of what we achieved, and excited to continue our mission in the coming year. At this moment, we would like to thank all those who were a part of it. And while it is bittersweet that the year has come to an end, it is simply a new beginning – filled with hope, excitement, commitment and opportunity. We hope you join us on this journey.


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