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Arton Capital and Future Citizen Institute (FCI) Launch Joint Response to European Parliament Report on Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

There are many misconceptions currently circulating within government and industry bodies regarding CBI and RBI schemes, as  highlighted?in the report “Citizenship by investment (CBI) and residency by investment (RBI) schemes in the EU; state of play, issues and impacts” on October 17, 2018 by the European Parliamentary Research Services (EPRS) unit.

As a response, Arton Capital and the Future Citizen Institute joined to launch the first academic and research-led response to an EPRS report in the industry,calling for independent industry reports and for European authorities to enter into formal dialogue with industry stakeholders.

This response makes a clear and strong call for European and global regulatory authorities to cooperate, seek out dialogue, and reach clear understandings between all stakeholders to eliminate and resolve any uncertainty and misinterpretation.

The joint report covers:

  • The compatibility of CBI and RBI programs with international and EU law on migration

and nationality;

  • The economic impact of the programs;
  • The formal eligibility requirements for obtaining citizenship or residence by
  • investment, for example in terms of physical presence requiredCBI and RBI programs in relation to due diligence, security issues and taxation.

Download report here.


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