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Kylin Prime Corporate Services Limited has been registered as a company service provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority

Kylin Prime Corporate Services Limited (“the Company”) was registered as a company service provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) on 27th September, 2018. This registration permits the Company to provide the following services:

  1. Formation of companies or other bodies corporate;
  2. Acting as a director of a company;
  3. Arranging for another person to act as a director or secretary of a company;
  4. Acting or arranging for a person to act as a partner of a partnership;
  5. Providing a registered office, business address, correspondence or administrative address or other related services for a body corporate or partnership.


In addition to these services, the Company shall also be providing:

  1. Accounting and bookkeeping services;
  2. Payroll and human resource management services; and
  3. Consultancy and advisory services.


The MFSA’s approval of the application submitted by the Company signifies the launch of the first corporate services provider within the Kylin Prime Group. In terms of corporate services, we will be able to set up companies and manage and administer them on an ongoing basis from a legal and accounting perspective.


These services are aimed at enabling clients to manage their business and wealth by making use of companies, and other bodies corporate whilst ensuring ongoing compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Our aim is to assist clients by coordinating and managing the set up and ongoing management and administration of such entities whilst acting as the clients’ local expert and central point of contact.


Maltese companies and other bodies corporate can be used for various purposes and can give access to a number of benefits. They can be used as a gateway into and out of Europe and are often used to structure businesses as well as personal wealth. Malta is safe and reputable and it is not an offshore jurisdiction. The Maltese economy is strong and the banking sector is stable and secure. Malta is considered a first-class financial services centre with a sound and solid regulatory environment.


Maltese Companies are taxed at the flat rate of 35%.  However, depending on the nature of the income derived by the Maltese Company, the shareholders are entitled to receive in their hands a refund of taxation suffered at corporate level which can lead to a final tax rate of 5%.


Malta does not levy withholding taxes upon the distribution of dividends to a company’s shareholders and there are no withholding taxes on interest and royalties paid to non-residents. There are no thin-capitalisation rules and no debt to equity ratios or transfer pricing rules. Likewise, Malta does not charge capital duties or wealth taxes.


Malta is also party to over 75 double taxation agreements.


Maltese corporate structures are becoming increasingly popular within international structures and are increasingly used as part of international tax planning solutions for both businesses and private individuals.


The Maltese office is also in the process of applying for a license to act as trustee and administrator of private foundations in order to be able to provide trust and fiduciary services independently or in conjunction with corporate services. This will enable us to set up trusts and foundations and act as trustees and administrators of foundations. We will also be able to act as fiduciary shareholders and provide other fiduciary services.


Kylin Prime Corporate Services Limited can service the needs of many of Kylin Prime Group’s existing and future clients by assisting them to make efficient and beneficial use of Maltese corporate structures. This entity will complement and enhance the other services that the Group offers, which include the provision of residency and citizenship solutions, as well as asset management. Kylin Prime Group is very keen to assist its clients by enabling them to benefit from the success of the Maltese economy in different ways and the suite of services that we offer reflects this.


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