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Proton therapy is a cutting-edge form of radiation therapy used to treat various cancers. Protons are positively charged particles, which can destroy cancer cells when delivered through the skin via a proton beam. Proton therapy allows precise targeting of the affected cells, with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissues. For this reason, it has fewer of the unsavoury side-effects of traditional photon therapy.


Aligned with our vision of creating sustainable futures, we want to give back to the communities in which we operate. Considering the relative lack of dedicated proton therapy centres in Europe, we are exploring the possibility of developing an oncology and proton therapy centre of excellence in several candidate EU states, in conjunction with a Cambridge University research team.


Research published in the Lancet Oncology in 2016 concluded that proton therapy was as effective as photon therapy in curing child patients suffering from brain tumours known as medulloblastoma. However, these rates were retained with significantly less late toxicity or damage to other organs, leading to dramatic life quality improvements.


Research conducted in the University of Florida, and published in 2016, found that the vast majority of prostate cancer patients treated with proton therapy experienced no reoccurrence, and no serious gastro-intestinal or urologic side effects.


A proton therapy centre is a unique benefit for local communities and for regional populations in underserved portions of Europe. Although the cost input is significant, we believe that with the appropriate partnerships we can develop a sustainable model of business. Our preliminary research will soon be drawing to a close and we hope to commence preparations in the coming months, based on a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, and keeping in mind our goal of bringing economic and health benefits to communities.






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