About Us

Kylin Prime Group is committed to helping internationally-minded investors, entrepreneurs, students, governments and businesspeople build a brighter future in a globalised world.

Our range of services includes high-quality investment opportunities and advice, citizenship and residency solutions, asset management, research and advisory services, cutting-edge digital and print media, and educational services.

We have developed a unique set of interconnected and complimentary services to ensure that we are an indispensable asset and a trusted partner for our clients. The global nature of our business also means that we can create positive global change; whether our partners are investors, employees, governments, or the local communities in which we operate, we form positive and sustainable relationships that bring about meaningful change. Our globally-minded, yet locally sensitive team is committed to creating a more inclusive, dynamic future for all through an ethical, innovative business approach.

  • Ousheng & Partners - Global residency and citizenship solutions
  • Kylin Prime Capital - Asset management, fund management, and banking services
  • Kylin Prime Fund - Investment fund opportunities
  • The Chinese Weekly - Globally-focused print and digital media
  • Future Citizen Institute - Global mobility research and advisory
  • Kylin Prime Foundation - Charitable, social and not-for-profit investments and funding

Our Mission

Our mission is to create futures beyond traditional borders. We enable the globally-minded by providing residency and citizenship solutions, asset management and financial services, news and stories with a global edge, and a rich source of research and commentary. Every step of the way, we offer a comprehensive service to aspiring ‘future citizens’.

Our operations positively impact global society and local communities, driving business and employment, and enhancing social and cultural integration. We strive to ensure that we are stakeholder-focused at all times, and focus solely on services that impact positively on a rapidly globalising world.

Our Values
Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier partner for globally-minded people, providing overseas investment advice, asset management services, citizenship and residency solutions, and media and educational services.

We strive to continually improve and innovate our service offering, and become a key source of expertise and advice for businesses, governments, and educational and health organisations, as they seek greater integration in an increasingly globalised world.

The future is shared; let’s build it together.