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London's Invest in Your Future Event a Success!

On the 20th November, Kylin Prime Capital LLP (KPC) hosted our event Invest in Your Future – Asset Management and UK Investment Migration Symposium.  A rainy Tuesday evening, event attendees were sheltered from the wintery weather inside the grand and luxurious Landmark Hotel at the heart of London in Marylebone.



With a spectacular view of the hotel atrium from our event suite, distinguished guests in attendance included our invested clients, industry professionals, and interested investors seeking to learn more about KPC.  A strong representation from our London office ensured guests were well attended to with many introductions made and lasting connections to follow.



Mr Duncan Donald, Director of Asset Management welcomed the audience with a detailed and concise explanation on the corporate structure of Kylin Prime Group.  Elaborating on the strengths of each of our 7 divisions, attendees were impressed by our vast global presence and the wide range of available investment and fund products offered.



Specialising in asset management, Mr Duncan Donald highlighted Kylin Prime Capital’s strategic approach to investing with primary focus on the importance of risk management.  Authorized and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FRN790179), Kylin Prime Capital LLP have established partnerships with top custodian banks ABN-AMRO and BNY Mellon.  Kylin Prime Capital goes above and beyond with due diligence to adhere strictly in compliance to FCA regulations.  Concentrating in liquid markets, trading decisions follow a stringent procedure of fundamental research, technical analysis, risk assessment and routine performance analysis to strive for continual success.



Serving investors with migration investment in mind or professional investors seeking opportunity to expand their investment portfolios, our one stop business model attracts diverse clients with different goals and returns on their investments.  Providing insights into our investment approaches ensured transparency for our invested clients, and also with aim to build trust and confidence for our expanding client base.



Following Mr Donald’s presentation, our Senior Investment Advisor Mr Steve Miley provided a market overview for 2019.  Covering challenges and opportunities in the upcoming year, Mr Miley started by reviewing market performances across UK, EU and US.  Fundamental analysis focused on current geopolitical and macroeconomic events including Italian budget, Sino-US Trade War, hawkish stance of the Federal Reserve, and unquestionably, the highly profiled Brexit discussion.  Referencing historical market data emphasised the importance of fundamental analysis as a vital part of our trading procedure. 



Lively discussions followed the evening’s presentation, creating excellent network opportunities and chance for us to further elaborate on applicable products specific to investors’ unique requirements.  Feedback from the audience were resoundingly positive and impressions were made based on the level of professionalism and expertise Kylin Prime Capital has to offer.  Equally, our invested clients were reassured by our core values, discipline, and dedication in helping them reach each and every one of their investment goals. 



We look forward to meeting you at our next upcoming events!



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