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Kylin Prime Capital debuts at the 2018 China Offshore Financial Summit and Wins Prestigious Award

Kylin Prime Capital made its debut at the 2018 China Offshore Financial Summit and took home the prestigious “International Custom Wealth Management Provider” award.



From November 13-15th 2018, Kylin Prime Capital , a subsidiary of Ousheung & Partners, was invited to participate in the 8th Annual China Offshore Summit Series. The summit was held at the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, with the theme “Into a Transparent World Comes a New Game of Chess for the Globalized”.


The 2018 China Offshore Financial Summit is hosted by the Asia Offshore Association. Today, China's offshore financial summit has become the most important summit in Asia.



Ms. Lingling Wu, Chief Operating Officer of Kylin Group, attended the meeting.



She has professional knowledge and rich experience in monetary policy and international finance with 8 years of management experience at the People's Bank of China, and 5 years as General Manager of the Financial Markets department of Zheshang Bank, Beijing Branch.


At the meeting, she introduced the business models of Kylin Prime Group and its subsidiaries to the participants and conveyed our message of “Creating Futures” on behalf of the group.



Ms. Lingling Wu stressed: “The Kylin Group has three main business pipelines, providing migration solutions for high net worth individuals, promoting global citizenship development, wealth management and global asset allocation.


Kylin Prime Capital in London has many clients, providing high-quality global asset allocation programs. Currently in European countries such as Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, and Croatia, Kylin Prime Capital has licensed funds with highly professional management teams in place."



In addition, Ms. Lingling Wu was invited to participate in a panel discussion on “developmental and forward thinking on cross-border asset allocation for Chinese high network investors”. She stated "A lot of high-net-worth investors have high requirements for liquid markets management after immigrating to Europe. Kylin Prime Capital conducts wealth planning in accordance to the needs of customers.


Kylin Prime Capital investments are diversified across commodities, stock indices, futures, and foreign exchange markets, ensuring high liquidity investments, and even realize T+1, the longest return of funds not exceeding T+3. In addition, with the rise of family funds management, Kylin Prime Capital also provides a single asset purchase service for single investors, ensuring the management and inheritance of family wealth. 


Ms. Lingling Wu’s speech was unanimously sought after by the participating guests, and many companies immediately expressed their willingness in longterm cooperations.


Mr. Victor Rivera, Director of Kylin Prime Banking also came from London and was invited to give an exclusive speech.



With more than 14 years of experience in financial markets, Mr. Victor Rivera shared the main business of Kylin Prime Capital, a subsidiary of Kylin Prime Group, and analysed the core investment points of the current markets, focusing on immigration funds such as Ireland and the United Kingdom. The detailed introduction was well received by the participants.



On the evening of November 15th, organizers held the China Offshore Annual Awards Ceremony and Celebration Banquet.  Kylin Prime Group, stood out amongst many other strong nominees, won the prestigious “International Custom Wealth Management Provider” award.



The Kylin Group aims to create futures for individuals, families and communities, and to influence different levels of society around the world. Kylin Prime Group is committed to providing quality services to international investors and safeguarding the future.



Currently, it provides multi-disciplinary services in Europe, including professional investment and consulting, asset management, overseas residency and citizenship solutions, education, real estate, and living and cultural information services.



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