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Kylin Prime Group premieres in Cannes IELP Expo

2018年11月9日至10日戛纳国际移民与豪华地产博览会在Hyatt Hotel Martinez酒店隆重举行,瑞麟集团携手子公司欧笙投资精彩亮相。











展会期间,瑞麟集团CEO Martin O'Connor先生携瑞麟集团多位核心高管亲临现场。



Day 1:

The first day of the expo began with 4 main panel discussions regarding opportunities in the United States, Canada, Malta, and Caribbean countries.  KPG Director of Trust and Corporate Services, Dr. Clint Bennetti, was one of the key panellists in the Malta discussion on Residency and Citizenship by Investment Programmes.





Representing Kylin Prime Group, Dr. Clint highlighted key components of the Kylin Prime Fund structure and addressed questions about the Investment Migration process in Malta.  In addressing the first quesitons on the main factors of Malta one of the most popular option for investment migration, Dr. Clint quoted:


"In a nutshell, I think apart from the fact that Malta is a nice country to live in, it is one of the safest places in the world that you can chose to live in.  It is a good place to invest in, with a good legal and regulatory regime where you can setup companies and invest in blockchain, setup new companies that follows the new regulation which Malta is very much abreast with these developments.  I think all in all, Malta is a very good package for residency and citizenship.  And the fact that the real estate market is booming at the moment also makes it more attractive."


When asked how Kylin Prime Group helps clients through the onboarding process with stricter IIP regulations now in place, he stated:


“I think what’s really important for investors to keep in mind and to look for is a good agent that has good experience, possibility not only in the migration area but also in other kinds of financial services. One who has the experience needed to guide them and satisfy the requirements which we all know are quite strict. We at Kylin Prime Group have a wealth of experience, if I may say so myself in these matters. We are able to ask the right questions. We’re able to guide the clients to provide the right answers and we try to explain as much as possible how important it is to be transparent.”


Here's the full recording of Dr. Clint Bennetti's Panel Discussion on the benefits of investing in Malta:


The Luxury Gala Party at the iconic Hotel Barriere Le Majestic capped day one, where the team and the clients could once again network and socialise surrounded by DJs and fine treats with the legendary hotel’s unrivalled atmosphere.


Day 2:

The highly anticipated exhibition began on the second day, with KPG landing a coveted spot: two exhibition desks on the first aisle of the spacious room made us an early part of the guests’ experience. We were continuously visited by a wide range of the exhibition attendees from multi- nationalities, backgrounds, and industries.



Together, we represented all entities of the Kylin Prime Group and upheld our international approach: Our team was able to leverage the multilingual backgrounds and engage in discussions in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Maltese, and, with assistance from onsite interpreter, Russian.



It was the perfect opportunity to discuss all available funds from KPG with industry professionals seeking potential partnerships, and investors looking into all the opportunities that we offer. After introducing ourselves and the wide range of programmes currently available from Kylin Prime Capital, responses were positive and contributed greatly to our growing global presence.




After a very successful and productive weekend, the French Riviera treated us with a majestic sunset as we parted ways.



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