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Irish Investment Migration Seminar - Shanghai

On Saturday 11th August 2018, Ousheng & Partners held an “Irish Investment Migration” conference in Shanghai. The event saw over 20 groups of High-Net-Worth-Investors (HNWIs) seeking investment migration opportunities congregate to hear the latest programme updates and create a two-way dialogue to understand the difficulties and challenges associated with investment migration in the current climate.



The event focused on raising awareness of Ireland as not only an attractive investment destination, but also as a highly desirable country to live. Known globally as “The Land of Saints and Scholars”, Ireland initiated an investment migration programme in 2014 in order to makes its already prosperous domestic economy more internationalized, thereby incorporating itself more successfully into the global economy. The programme has since been extremely successful, generating great interest globally, particularly in regions such as China.


Moreover, the long EB-5 timetable in the US and the rising immigration threshold in Canada have resulted in many investors moving away from these traditional powers in order to find more suitable immigration projects. Ireland is one such country which has garnered quite a following through its Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP).


This programme requires a minimum investment of €1,000,000 (or €400,000 under the philanthropic donation option) and due to its high-quality social welfare, world-class education and medical systems, investors have flocked to apply for the programme.


(Ms Qian Dai, Kylin Prime Group General Manager of Greater China giving a speech on Ireland as an investment destination and the naturalisation process in Ireland)


In her speech, Qian noted how Irelands real estate sector, particularly with regard to hotel investment returns is staunch. She then went on to give an overview of each of our real estate investment options under the IIP – Leixlip Manor and Gardens, Carnbeg Hotel and Spa and Nuremore Hotel before concluding by giving an overview of Kylin Investment Funds plc.



Kylin Prime Group would like to thank everyone for coming and sharing in a wonderful, informative and joy filled evening with us! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed proceedings look forward to seeing you at a future event soon!


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