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Ousheng expands service offering to Southeast Asian market

Shifting demographics in the global investment migration industry have seen an increasing demand for viable residence and citizenship by investment offerings for Southeast Asian investors, particularly those based in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. With this in mind, Ousheng & Partners, the global mobility solutions subsidiary of Kylin Prime Group participated in an event in Vietnam aimed at raising awareness of European, Caribbean and Pacific investment migration programmes, while also advising investors regarding successful global asset allocation measures.


The event was held on April 28th, and was led by Ms. Qian Dai, Kylin Prime Group Director of Investment and Sales, and Mr. Andrew Elvis Bal, Head of the Vanuatu Investment Bureau.


At the event, Ms. Dai spoke to attendees about how we are now living in a unique era regarding global asset allocation, with tremendous uncertainty in the global and political economy, inflation risks, reduced investor confidence and heightened market volatility. She noted that investment opportunities related to asset-backed securities are becoming increasingly popular as investors seek to diversify their portfolio globally. Lastly, she gave a presentation comparing the investment migration programmes throughout Europe and the Caribbean. 


Mr. Bal concluded the event, speaking to attendees about the latest developments in the Vanuatu Development Support Programme, Vanuatu’s official investment migration programme launched just last year aimed at creating local jobs, stimulating the domestic economy and ensuring the national budget remains balanced. He commented that Vanuatu represents a unique opportunity for investors to obtain Ni-Vanuatu citizenship and all the benefits that come with it (visa-free travel to 113 countries, inclusion of family members, minimal residency requirements), while at the same time not being required to relinquish your current citizenship.


Continual innovation, both in terms of service offering and market diversification are two of the cornerstones of any successful business enterprise, and our expansion into Southeast Asia is another example of our rapid worldwide growth and ambition to continue innovating in our quest to build a better, more inclusive future for all citizens.


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