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Kylin Prime Group honoured to represent international investment companies to attend Boao Forum for Asia

The opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia 2019 was held 28th March 2019. Mr. Martin O’Connor, CEO of Kylin Prime Group, and Ms. Qian Dai General Manager of Greater China were invited to attend the opening ceremony on behalf of Kylin Prime Group. They were joined by leaders in the political, economic and business sectors at home and abroad, with " Shared Future, Concerted Action, Common Development " being the theme of the event.


In 2019, it was an important milestone in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Inside and outside the venue, China's development achievements and experience were the focus of attention. As a non-profit organisation, Boao Forum for Asia is open and inclusive, that is, it provides an easy platform for the collision of ideas. The Boao Forum’s significance both regionally and indeed globally has grown in recent years with many international leaders descending on China for the event. Attendees can speak freely about issues that they face together and express their views on the current international political and economic situation. The spirit of helping each other, facing and ultimately overcoming challenges together is the unique cultural and spiritual temperament of the Boao Forum for Asia.


This Boao Forum released the "2019 Annual Report on the Development of Emerging Economies in the Boao Forum for Asia". The report suggests that China's overall economic growth rate is unlikely to fluctuate greatly in 2019, being relatively similar to 2018 at 5.1%. The economic growth rate based on the economic aggregate calculated by purchasing power parity of each economy. Therefore, it has also created opportunities for more Chinese entrepreneurs to go abroad, seeking global investment and greater business opportunities.


Kylin Prime Group has also sought to be a leader in the overseas investment industry. In the past few years, it has continuously carried out strategic investment, global integration and optimisation of business structure, which has contributed to the notable business at home and abroad. We have developed a unique set of interconnected and complimentary services to ensure that we are an indispensable asset and a trusted partner for our clients. The global nature of our business also means that we can create positive global change; whether our partners are investors, employees, governments, or the local communities in which we operate, we form positive and sustainable relationships that bring about meaningful change. Our globally-minded, yet locally sensitive team is committed to creating a more inclusive, dynamic future for all through an ethical, innovative business approach.


Mr. Martin O'Connor was then interviewed by the China News Service at the Boao Forum for Asia. When asked about the opening speech, Martin said: "The policy mentioned in the opening speech is very positive for foreign countries. Investors are greatly encouraged! The development of more sound asset management laws and regulations will enable foreign investors to enjoy the same treatment as local investors!"

  1. Martin O’Connor met former Italian Prime Minister Prodi, who had known him for 22 years at the Boao Forum, where the two reminisced about old times!

  1. Qian Dai had a cordial conversation with Ms. Dong Mingzhu, the most well-known female entrepreneur in China and Chairman and President of Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. at the Boao Forum.


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