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Final Stop: Beijing - A Rewarding Completion to our Global 5-Cities Tour


The final stop on Kylin Prime Group’s Global Five-Cities Tour was held in Beijing, China.  This event was the pre-launch ceremony for our Portuguese fund, Kylin Plato Fund (FCR) with special appearance by the Economics and Commercial Counsellor of the Portuguese Embassy in China, Mr. João Falardo.  Key members of Kylin Prime Group’s global leadership team participated in the Portuguese fund pre-launching event.  Participants included high-net-worth individuals with considerations for overseas migration and asset allocation as part of their long-term planning. The event turnout was exceptional and very well received by all attendees. 


Economics and Commercial Counsellor of the Portuguese Embassy in China, Mr. João Falardo, unveiled at the Beijing event


During the Kylin Plato Fund (FCR) pre-launch ceremony, Mr. João Falardo stated " Portugal is politically stable with well-educated and professional citizens. In addition, Portugal's geographical advantages are obvious, the climate is pleasant with a welcoming culture and safe living environment. It is the country with the highest integration of European immigrants and popular among emigrants."



Regarding the development trend of Portuguese countries and emigrants, Mr. João Falardo said: “I believe that Portugal’s economic environment will continue to improve and will attract more Chinese investors.”



Through the pre-launch ceremony, Kylin Prime Group outlined an anticipated €350K fund investment immigration project for Portugal.  Kylin Prime Capital, a subsidiary of Kylin Prime Group, obtained FCA's passport authorization for alternative investment funds management (AIFM) in Portugal, which plays a significant role as a strong entry into the Portuguese financial markets. In addition, on the basis of the Portuguese fund investment immigration project, a financing model of €140K was also projected, which greatly reduces the application threshold for emigration investors.



Mr. Victor Rivera, Director of Banking Services of Kylin Prime Group from our London UK office, explained Kylin Plato Funds (FCR) from the policy perspective.



Mr. Victor Rivera emphasized “As policies on purchasing real estate in Europe continues to tighten, our fund emigration project progressively takes the lead. The structure of the Kylin Plato Funds (FCR), under Kylin Prime Group, allows potential investors to simultaneously benefit from their returns on investments while establishing residency in Europe. 


Plato fund structure diagram



Duncan Donald, Director of Asset Management of Kylin Prime Group and Head of Investment Management Department of Kylin Prime Capital, also from London UK office, attended the pre-launch event.  With more than 20 years of experience in the FX markets, Mr. Duncan has an extended background with global financial markets. 



Mr. Duncan Donald said: “Kylin Prime Capital has multiple partners around the world and is authorized and regulated by the FCA.  Our team members have rich experience in the financial field, safeguarding the safety and stability of the client's investment funds. High-net-worth individuals are paying more and more attention to emigration and overseas asset allocation. The purpose is not only to obtain passports or permanent residency, but also to preserve and increase their assets."



Over the month of November 2018, Kylin Prime Group hosted, exhibited, and presented across 5 major cities including Cannes, Shanghai, London, Dublin, and Beijing.  Truly a global team effort entailing collaborations across borders to present not only our wide range of investment opportunities but also our group’s commitment in a globalised world.  Kylin Prime Group is committed to creating futures for individuals, families and communities, contributing to the development of businesses, motivating employment, boosting of local economies, and promoting social and cultural integration. 

Every step of the way. 


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