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UK continues to attract global investment

While Brexit has undoubtedly resulted in increasing uncertainty as to whether the UK will remain a global leader in terms of attracting investment, these fears appear to be somewhat unwarranted as the country continues to attract investors the world-over.


The UK has long been an epicentre of finance in Europe and indeed the world, with London being home the world’s largest financial centre, even bigger than that of New York. The plentiful investment opportunities and high-potential returns combine to make the UK and attractive investment destination for global investors.


As one of the most established and respected economies in the world, the UK investment market and financial supervision system are widely respected and established. For investors looking to set up and operate a business in the UK, this is an extremely quick and efficient process, taking just 21 days according to the latest World Bank data. Moreover, it also ranks 7th worldwide for ease of doing business.


As a leading business destination worldwide, the UK is also a highly innovative country and provides easy access to customers and the global market at large with its legal system also being fully supportive of business.


Interestingly, inward investment has actually increased post-Brexit, contrary to the popular belief that it has declined as evidenced by the data from the 4th quarter of 2017, which saw investment growth of 1.1%, reaching a total of £84.1 billion. This contributed to the UK having the highest investment growth of any G7 country in 2017 with 4%.


The UK also has the lowest corporate tax rate of any G7 country with just 19% thus making the country an extremely attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs. When considered in conjunction with the profound global reputation and stable political environment is instrumental in ensuring the UK remains one of the most attractive investment destinations for investors.


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