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Cyprus: An Ideal Investment Destination

After enduring some difficult economic years, Cyprus has emerged as an attractive destination for global investors seeking feasible, high-growth potential investment opportunities in a safe, well-regulated European market. The country has numerous characteristics which make it a go to for modern investors.



Cyprus is nestled in the Eastern Mediterranean, strategically located between 3 continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. This makes it an ideal gateway to make investment due to its proximity to major global markets. It is also a location which offers choice, economic opportunities and safety all within a modern, well-regulated framework.


Fund Management “Centre of Excellence”

Cyprus has emerged as one of the most advanced fund management centres globally, with regulated entities undergoing stringent checks to ensure compliance with all EU regulation.



Cyprus represents a business friendly and transparent environment which combines the most efficient and attractive elements from other proven and successful jurisdictions overseen by a forward thinking regulator for funds and fund management companies. These factors combine to make Cyprus an internationally recognized ‘centre of excellence”.


Economic Growth

Cyprus’s economic growth offers great confidence and security for investment opportunities and returns. With GDP growth in Q1 2017 of 3.3%, the country is considerably ahead of the EU average of 2.8% and with growth of over 3% expected to continue this brings great confidence to investors in the safety of future investments. Moreover, the country has also seen continuous upgrades by international credit rating agencies, a testament to and encouragement for this confidence.



Cyprus is not just a safe investment opportunity from a financial perspective (based on the forward thinking, robust and transparent financial, legal and regulatory frameworks), it is also a safe environment for our investors and their families and brings a very high quality of life. Cyprus is the 1st safest country amongst small countries and the 5th safest country in the world. This is also a critical component in attracting investors to the country’s citizenship programme.


Legal Framework

Cyprus is also home to a highly advanced legal and judicial system, based on UK Common Law which also includes all EU legislation.


Attractive Tax System

Cyprus also offers an extremely attractive tax system of businesses and investors with a corporate tax rate of just 12.5 %. The country also does not tax profits from the disposal of securities and does not withhold taxes. Moreover, non-domiciled investors are not taxed on passive income resulting from dividends or rent.


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