Board of Advisors
Global Offices Operations
United Kingdom
Asset Management
Financial Services
Trust and Corporate Services
Research & Business Development
Investment & Sales
Global Marketing
Global Media
Corporate Affairs and Reputation
Global HR
Risk Management & Compliance
Real Estate & PPP
Banking Services
Mr. Kai Dai
Mr. Martin O'Connor
Ms. Lingling Wu
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Erik Mohorovic
VP of Southern Europe
Ms. Olivia Su
VP of Research & Business Development
Prof. Andy Golding
VP of Global Media
Mr. Nicolas Theocharides
Chairman of Kylinprime Investment Fund
Mr. Michael Lynch
VP of Hospitality Management
Ms. Zoe Law
Director of Finance
Ms. Qian Dai
Director of Investment and Sales
Dr. Clint Bennetti
Director of Trust and Corporate Service
Ms. Ann Lawlor
Director of Global Residency Solutions
Prof. David Armstrong
Director of Education
Ms. Zimo Shao
Director of Global Marketing
Mr. Mohamed Lamin
Director of Real Estate & PPP
Ms. Michelle Jackson
Director of Global Human Resources (HR ) Division
Mr. Olivier Vonk
Director of Research & Business Development
Mr. Andrew Kausiama
Director, Executive Manager
Mr. Kyriacos Papadopoulos
Senior Advisor
Mr. Antonio Antenore
Finance and Administration Manager
Ms. Liang Dauncey
Mr. Yongmin Jiang
Deputy Director of IT
Mr. Peter Murphy
Finance Manager
Mr. Conor Finn
Research & Development Manager
Mr. Kevin Huang
Client Relation Manager
Ms. Suyi Guo
Fund Manager
Mr. Jason Reilly
Operation Manager
Mr. Christopher Buckley
Marketing Executive
Ms. Lihong Li
Marketing Executive
Mr. Daoquan Zhang
Investment & Sales
Ms. Mairead NicLochlainn
HR & Administration Administrator
Ms. Fang Liu
​Marketing Executive
Mr. Xie Di
Media/International Sales Manager
Mr. Eoin Kestell
Education Consultant
Ms. Rong Hu
Client Services and Administration Assistant
Ms. Wanyan Chen
Web Developer
Mr. Kevin Gallacher
Non-executive partner
Ms. Xue Zhang
Executive Editor (Deputy Director of Global Media)
Mr. Quanshan Chu​
Visual Design Manager
Mr. Buyi Wu
Associate Investment Consultant/ Client Relationship
Ms. Jiani Chen
Senior Editor
Ms. Xi Li
Head of Marketing & Media Operation
Ms. Huihui Lin
Deputy Executive Editor
Ms. Xiaofeng Li
Editor / Reporter
Mr. Liren Tan​
New Media Editor
Ms. Suran Ding
Senior Business Development & Marketing Manager
Ms. Iris Sun
Senior Campaign Executive
Ms. Yajing Liu
Editor / Reporter
Ms. Yoyo Xin
Media and Communication Senior Associate
Ms. Yi Qu
Assistant Manager of Graphic Design
Mr. Mansoor Zhang
HR and Office Manager
Ms. Roberta Vella
Ms. Siyi Chen
Marketing Associate
Prof. Joseph Falzon
Legal Advisor
Ms. Anastasia Petallidou
Non Executive Director
Ms. Maria Christofi
Head of HR/CRM
Ms. Domniki Oikonomou
Admin & PA
Mr. Mislav Hraste
Finance Manager
Mr. Alan Hao
Sales Manager
Mr. David Li
Investment Documentation Manager
Mr. Ian Miao
Business Development Consultant
Mr. Jet Li
Business Development Consultant
Ms. Yolanda Xin
Sales Consultant
Ms. Lise Li
Investment Documentation Consultant
Ms. Elaine Hou
Administrative Manager
Ms. Doreen Ye
Graphic Designer
Ms. Andy Zhang
Mr. Peter Zhang
IT Manager
Mr. Brady Zhao
Business Development Manager
Mr. Jason Zhou
Business Development Manager
Mr. Terence Zhang
Legal Advisor
Ms. Anna Wang
Brand and PR Manager
Ms. Carrie Li
General Manager
Ms. Doris Tao
General Manager Assistant
Ms. Niki Gong
Financial Assistant
Ms. Fay Chen
Marketing Manager
Mr. Maxxie Yin
UI Design
Mr. Jerry Wang
Investment Counselor Manager
Mr. Brain Wu
Senior Investment Counselor